About DDO

DDO Artists Agency made its mark in the Entertainment business in 1969 when founder, Dorothy Day Otis created an agency to focus on representing the youth of Hollywood.  After maintaining an extremely successful youth department, DDO expanded to offer more representation services to a larger group of clientele. Otis’ passion and determination marked DDO as a prestigious, well respected agency, leading to its expansion and continued accomplishments today.

Our offices in Los Angeles and New York City provide performers representation across the country for Commercial, TV, Film, Voiceover , Print, Theater, Hosting, and Sports & Specialty. We work to develop and maintain careers for adults and children with open communication, direction for training, and providing every possible opportunity.  By keeping a specific roster to eliminate in house competition, every client is guaranteed to be provided with the best servicing and relationships for their careers.

All of our staff are highly trained and experienced within their departments, and have a track record of producing impressive results. Partners, Agents, and Administration strive to offer the most superior representation and professional level of success. We pride ourselves in having a hard-working, healthy, and enjoyable environment for all DDO Staff. With a wide variety of creative minds, personalities, and goals, we can truly say DDO has the perfect staff to drive our clients’ careers to the top!


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