DDO Los Angeles

LA Commercial

With over two decades in the business, DDO’s commercial department is ranked as one of the top commercial agencies in LA! We proudly represent adult union actors for commercials, industrials, & promos. Our dedication, aggressive work ethic, and motivating environment provide a high success rate for our clients and their careers. We are highly committed to our clients and believe communication is the key to success!

LA Voiceover

DDO’s  bi-coastal voiceover department specializes in commercials, promos, trailers, animation, narration, video games, ADR/looping, political, industrial and audiobooks. Our knowledgeable agents bring well over a decade of experience and expertise in scouting, teaching and developing the brightest talent and uses those skills to prepare the next generation of stars. We pride ourselves on representing a diverse range of talent, and we’re as committed to procuring our current roster as we are to expanding a new talent base with fresh voices to tackle the industry. DDO is the future of voiceovers.

LA Theater

DDO’s stage theatrical department is one of the few agencies on the west coast to specifically target theatre, aggressively pursuing opportunities for our clients on Broadway, national tours, and regional theatre. We treat each client as an individual, developing a goal-based approach to maximizing opportunities on the top stages around the world.

LA Kids

The Kids Division is the longest running department at DDO, representing babies, kids, and teens of all ages for commercials, print, television, and film. Our kids department is run with a true passion for children and dedication to keeping the child’s best interest always in mind. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, and close relationship to the kids and their families.

LA Print

The Print Department provides adult actors and models with exceptional representation for all print related projects. We specialize in commercial and lifestyle print and work with the industry’s leading photographers and brands.

LA Film & Television

DDO’s film and television department is one of the fastest-growing departments in the Los Angeles office, boasting multiple series regulars, recurring guest actors, and film leads. We combine an aggressive work ethic with a positive attitude, focusing on a goal-oriented, individualized approach to career building.

LA Sports & Specialty

The sports division has been actively representing athletes of all different types for the past ten years. Our roster includes those who specialize in main stream sports, as well as more specialty areas including but not limited to: stunts, precision drivers, fire breathers, motorcyclists, and more.